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What to Do If Your Water Heater is Leaking

Who doesn’t like to come home to a relaxing, hot shower after a long day at work? It’s a great way to begin unwinding for the evening and just take some comfort in your home, a respite from the daily grind. Have you ever turned on the water and instead of hot water you’re noticing it’s barely warm at all? Perhaps it’s freezing even. 

Your first instinct will be to go check on your water heater, right? Imagine when you get there, it’s surrounded by a pool of water? If you’re currently finding yourself in this situation or just want to be prepared, you’re in the right place. 

United Water Restoration Group of Colorado Springs would like to take a moment of your time today to give you a general idea of how you should inspect for the cause of why your water heater is leaking, and how to address it.


What Is The Problem?

When you’re trying to determine the cause of why your water heater is leaking, you want to take a careful, yet thorough, approach from the top of the water heater to the bottom. It’s important to work your way down from the top because there’s a chance it’s not your water heater that is leaking, but rather a connecting pipe. 

Begin inspecting your water heater visually starting with the water supply lines that feed into the tank. From there, continue this process working your way down by inspecting the water heater nipples, pressure release valve, drain line, and even the tank itself.


Cautious Reminder: You’re working with a water heater, and while you may not be getting any hot water in your shower that doesn’t mean you can afford to be careless. When inspecting for the cause of why your water heater is leaking, keep in mind that any attempt to disassemble your water heater bears the potential risks of injury to you as well as worsening the water damage in the area, leading to a bigger mess. 


Only when you find the source of the leak can you properly determine if you can tackle the problem on your own, or if you’ll need repairs or full replacement from professionals. Depending on the amount of water that’s leaked from the water heater, it’s possible you’ll need to seek mitigation too.


Damages Left Behind: How To Address Them

There’s a high chance that a leaking water heater has caused some damage to your property, and if that’s the case you’re going to want United Water Restoration Group of Colorado Springs in your corner. 

With our selection of tools, expertly trained professionals, and the ability to work with all insurance providers we are the clear choice when it comes to mitigating water damage and conducting water damage restoration. You can contact us today at (719) 722-3178. Don’t delay, give us a call as soon as possible!


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