What To Do If Your House Floods

There are steps you can take to insure you and your family stays safe after a flood in your home. A flooded home can come from external or internal events. These can include extreme weather or plumbing issues.


  1. Stop The Water At The Source
    1. Unless the flood is due to acts of weather, find the source of the water and turn it off or seal it up


  1. Turn Off The Electricity
    1. Turn off all electrical systems in your home. NOTE – If you have to walk through water to locate the fuse box, do not try to turn off the electric yourself. If you cannot reach the fuse box without stepping through water, call an electrician.


  1. Evacuate The Premises
    1. If a burst pipe or sewage leak is the issue, evacuate the premises and find a dry, safe spot outside of your home. In the case of a natural disaster, find a safe temporary shelter and evacuate if needed as soon as possible. NOTE – Listen to the local news for frequent updates on the current weather.


  1. Call For Help
    1. Once your family members and pets are safe and on dry ground, call for help. 
      1. First:
        1. Renters: Call Your Landlord
        2. Homeowners: Call Your Insurer


  1. Document Everything
    1. Before you start cleaning up, document the damage so you can show your insurer the extent of the damage.
    2. When documenting, be sure not to step on any water!


  1. Hire A Restoration Company & Start The Cleanup Process
    1. Salvage any personal items you can and hire your local restoration company to start the cleaning. Restoration companies can clean your home from the water by removing and drying all affected areas and disinfect your home from bacteria.


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