The Differences Between Smoke and Fire Damage

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. It’s a phrase we’ve heard a million times before, although these days it’s used for much more than just talking about fires themselves. It’s true though, where there’s smoke there’s fire and as such, where there is smoke and fire there are damages to be associated with both. 

You may be asking, “Aren’t smoke damage and fire damage the same thing?” While they both spring from the same disastrous situation, these types of damages couldn’t be more different. 

Today United Water Restoration Group of Colorado Springs, Colorado would like to take some time to break down key differences between smoke and fire damage to inform curious readers.


Differences In Damages

Smoke and fire damage are each destructive in their own ways. This can make an already overwhelming situation feel like double the trouble. Especially when you have to begin pursuing cleanup and restoration efforts. 

Depending on the severity of the fire, flame damage may be extensive and smoke damage may be further reaching than the area of the fire itself. This double dose of chaos makes fires one of the worst things a property owner can experience.


  • Fire Damages

The quick-moving flames and the intense heat make property fires a force of absolute destruction. 

From the structure to furniture to other contents throughout your property, if a fire isn’t stopped quickly what starts as a small blaze can become a towering inferno that can reduce things to ash in minutes. 

It can even damage things not directly in its proximity just from the heat alone. Many things damaged by fire simply have to be replaced due to the damages.


  • Smoke Damages

Smoke damage is different in that the effects can be a more long-lasting problem. Smoke from a fire can reach places far beyond the heat and flames. As smoke permeates different materials around your property there can be soot build-ups. 

This can range from a surface level that can easily be wiped away to deeper permeation that requires more than an average cleaning. Without proper soot removal, damage over time can become ever more costly.


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