Mold Growth In The Winter? Mold Prevention Tips In The Colder Months

Is Mold Growth Possible In The Winter?

Many people believe that mold growth disappears in the winter but that’s not true! Mold flourishes in temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees 🌡


Mold growth is a year round problem and will grow wherever moisture and humidity is present! As temperatures start to drop, mold isn’t on the top of your list on things to look out for as a homeowner. 
As we prep for the winter, pay attention to these everyday home routines we do in the winter but can lead to possible mold growth.

Turning The Heat Up

When the cold weather approaches us, one of the first couple things we do is turn our heat on. With many homes now, the insulation is extraordinary and the heat will stay trapped in your home and keep it toasty all winter long. Something we don’t think about is when the warm air is unable to leave your home, the trapped moisture and condensation from the increased humidity creates an inviting atmosphere for Mold Growth.

Keep An Eye Out For Ice Dams

Ice dams on the roof in the winter indicate that your attic could be vulnerable for mold issues. The heat from your home is seeping through the roof, causing the snow to melt and then freeze as temperatures fall.

Set Ceiling Fans In Reverse

The airflow produced creates a wind-chill effect, making it feel cooler. In the winter, reverse the motor and operate the ceiling fan at low speed in the clockwise direction. This produces a gentle updraft, which forces warm air near the ceiling down into the occupied space.

So, what do you do if you discover mold growing in your home?

First of all, you should contact a professional, such as UWRG of Colorado Springs, who specializes in water, fire, mold and sewage. Our trained and certified technicians can track down the source of the excess moisture that is causing the mold growth. Once the source is determined they can assess the extent of the damage and determine what needs to be done too completely, and safely remove the mold.




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