craw space remediation services in colorado springsCrawl spaces often times go unattended for years and will bring many negative effects into your home. As warm humid air rises it will bring moisture as well as anything airborne in contact with you and your family. This could include anything from mold and bacteria to what’s left behind from hoarding animals.


Risks of a neglected crawl space will affect your home’s value negatively and bring you higher energy costs as the area struggles to circulate the air. Mineral deposits, bacteria growth, and even mold could be circulating in the air of your home causing potential health issues. Other risks can include broken pipes, electrical issues, rot, embarrassing odor, hoarding animals or insects, and even structural damage.


A properly sealed and water-proof barrier will help in providing a healthy, and happy home. Becoming more energy-efficient, while increasing the value of your home and providing extra storage.A crawl space should be a regularly maintained area of your home as it is one of the most important.


UWRG of Colorado Springs has trained experts for all of your crawl space needs. Sump pump installations for flood prevention, vapor barrier installations, damage repair, and cleaning. As well as any fire, flood, and mold mitigation. UWRG is your number one stop for all of your needs and a happy, healthy home.