How Soon After Water Damage Does Mold Grow?

Water damage can bring forth a plethora of problems for a home or business. If your home or business has recently experienced water damage, you may be wondering how soon after water damage does mold growth begins.

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COLORADO HAIL SEASON IS HERE – Tips & How To Prepare For Hail

The Colorado hail season is typically April 15 to September 15. Colorado hail storms occur most frequently in June and are most likely to be destructive in mid June. Colorado Springs is one of the most hail-prone cities in the United States and residents throughout the Front Range are preparing for the upcoming inevitable hail season. […]

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Why Do Freezing Pipes Burst?

THE QUESTION A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ASKING DUE TO THE COLD WEATHER BURSTING PIPES LEFT AND RIGHT Why Do Freezing Pipes Burst? You may think that it’s due to ice expanding in the pipe but they actually burst because of pressure! It’s a common misconception that ice is the cause of bursted pipes! […]

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