When you own property, you should learn to expect surprises. Unfortunately, when it comes to property these surprises are rarely a good thing. Sudden water damage or fire damage is bad enough, but there are other things that can creep up on you slowly but surely making it so that the surprise you’re left with is the sudden realization this has been going on for a while. In this case, we’re talking about mold infestations.

On a day-to-day basis, we are surrounded by roughly 200-500 mold spores in the air on average. At a safe level, mold is usually something we don’t think about because at such a small number it’s nearly impossible for them to settle. However, as they linger all it takes is the right conditions to set off a chain reaction that allows them to take hold. Excess moisture in less-seen areas of a home or business can become a perfect place for mold to start to take hold and begin its gradual spread. Dampness from a pipe inside a wall for example could slowly lead to mold creeping through the property. Only weeks or even months later will you start to see mold appearing in places that you can see.

When you’ve found mold on your property, every moment matters. United Water Restoration Group of Colorado Springs’ team members are trained and equipped to handle any size mold outbreak. We provide mold remediation in Divide, Colorado for those seeking assistance during a mold outbreak.


Need Mold Remediation in Divide, Colorado?

When the first visible signs of mold appear, it can be incredibly deceptive as to the extent of the infestation. Surface areas you can see may be easily cleaned with the right tools and some personal elbow grease, tricking you into thinking you’ve knocked out the problem yourself. 

The reality is that mold infestations are incredibly tricky. Often what you can see is much less than what is out of sight. As such, it’s advisable to seek out professional mold remediation. A typical mold remediation job can cost in the window of $500 to $6000 on average. Combined with your insurance coverage the cost out of pocket may not be that much at all. 

However, if left unchecked and allowed to infest more and more of the property, you may be looking at a cost well into the tens of thousands with the likelihood that your insurance provider will assist you in becoming less and less if they have reason to determine the mold has gotten this bad due to neglecting to report the mold and having the property inspected.


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